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Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge Acoustic Amplifier

Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge Acoustic Amplifier

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These little amps are incredible. We recommend them in combination with our Warp Drive pickup for home practice. It can also be used on stage as a monitor and in place of a DI, as you can use the XLR output to send to the front of house.

These brown tolex ones have a built in battery so you can rock out in the woods or free up a power outlet if you show up to a gig that has less than enough power outlets available.

On top of that it has bluetooth and doubles as a great sounding bluetooth speaker. A great all in one to practice with your favorite songs. And it has built in reverb and chorus. Oh and you can run a mic at the same time.

It sounds great with our Comet for a clean, jazzy electric sound. With built in effects and the ability to run off battery it allows for a super clean one-cable setup and practice on the go.

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