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Nechville Custom Atomic NUVO Banjo

Nechville Custom Atomic NUVO Banjo

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**This one has sold but we are building one more just like it. Secure Atomic Nuvo 2/2 now with a deposit**

Over Tom's long career of studying and refining his favorite instrument, he has learned several truths, not only about banjos and how to make them, but about the people who play them. While all banjo players are bright and inquisitive people, they are most comfortable playing what is most familiar to them.  Therefore, it Nechville's high calling to bring practical ideas to light so that everyone may benefit from the phenomenal advancements occurring at the hands of Nechville's craftspeople.

Tom Nechville is typical of most players in that he wants his current playing banjo to feel and sound just right for each and every musical situation he finds himself in. Equipped with decades of experience and a highly skilled staff, this ongoing quest for Tom's perfect instrument is the fuel which powers his team on to better and better instruments.

The current "State of the Art" of modern banjo design is an unknown concept to one who is only interested in the historical aspect of the banjo tradition. Nechville addresses the traditional market with offerings like the Flex-Tone and Atlas series which pay homage to the traditional aesthetic, while incorporating practical modern improvements. A growing number of players today are realizing the truth about the banjo: that is that it is a young instrument undergoing a renaissance. The top-of-the-line NUVO banjo from Nechville is one such contemporary banjo, born of ingenuity and destined to become a powerful tool for musicians. 

The NUVO banjo neck is a Nechville patented straight profile neck with all 5 tuners on the peghead. The 5th string may be capoed at any position along the 5th string. A sliding 5th string body rides in a track integral to the neck. The track is installed on both sides of the neck to enable the use of a built in rolling main capo as well. This versatile design solves every tuning issue involved in capoing and is super quick, and convenient to employ, even mid song, because of it's built-in nature.

Due to high production costs, very few NUVO banjos have been built, but it has become Tom's go-to banjo for all occasions. There are currently 2 new Nuvo's in Nechville's inventory, One being the Coppertone NUVO, and the other the new Atomic NUVO. Another Atomic NUVO is still in the latter stages of production and will be offered later in 2023. 

The Atomic NUVO

Its intersecting Ellipse shaped pearl and Abalone inlays look like depictions of Atomic particles, giving this banjo it's name. The fingerboard is genuine Brazilian Rosewood. The frets are long lasting EVO fret wire. With our comfortable compound radius, there are 2 full octaves on each string having 24 full frets. The built-in capo can be employed all the way to the top of the incredible Honduras Mahogany neck. The unique geometry of the Atomic, puts the neck higher up above the fingerboard, and brings a new ergonomic approach to your right hand. More space under the strings makes for less unwanted head noise and clearer sounding notes. The neck is adjustable for use with only tall bridges of 3/4" to 1". 

The pot of the Atomic is fashioned with our exclusive Antique Copper Heli-Mount and contains our lightest yet most powerful combination for expressive tone, volume, and comfort. Ceramic Tone spheres support our newest Hybrid tone ring which drives the stylish "Harvest Moon" textured head through a custom 1" carefully compensated bridge. Sound samples and more information are available from Tom Nechville's Banjos West. 612-275-6602
  • Genuine Honduras mahogany neck and resonator
  • Capobility system- full built-in capo + precision machined 5th string capo
  • Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and overlay
  • Atomic inlays in abalone and mother of pearl
  • Sym 5 peghead shape
  • Curly Maple binding
  • Curly Maple bound heel cap
  • High ratio gold tuners
  • Cocobolo armrest
  • 7-12" compound radiused brazilian rosewood fingerboard
  • Antiqued copper plated Heli-Mount frame
  • Ceramic Tone Spheres
  • Harvest Moon head
  • Unplated vintage tone ring
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Hybrid tone ring OR customer's choice
  • Hard case

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Customize This Banjo

Contact us to customize this banjo's setup. We can swap out tone rings for your desired weight and timbre, install the perfect bridge to get the right tone and feel for your style, and set the action just where you like it.

About Banjos West

Banjos West was established by Tom Nechville in 2020 when he found his home and retail shop in beautiful Sisters, Oregon.

The Nechville factory has since been working tirelessly to provide ample stock and make Banjos West a perfect banjo destination for anyone on or visiting the west coast.

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About Nechville Musical Products

Nechville Musical Products was founded in the late 80s by Tom Nechville. They are renowned for their innovations, namely Tom's Heli-Mount design, which makes their adjustments easiest and quicker than all other banjos. Nechvilles often combine a multitude of appointments to the Heli-Mount frame, like our 7-12" compound radiused fingerboard, tunneled 5th string, In-line tailpiece, Enterprise compensated bridge, Comfort Bevel armrest, and more.

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