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Nechville Timber-Tronic Tone Ring

Nechville Timber-Tronic Tone Ring

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Our Timber-Tronic ring is the lightest we build, coming in at about four ounces. This makes it three pounds less than its bronze counterpart. It fits any modern Heli-Mount banjo rim. To see if your Nechville is compatible, look for steel bearings (they might be hidden between your rim and bronze tone ring).

Just like our Hybrid and bronze rings, the Timber-Tronic ring works with our Cyclotronic ball bearing system. Having wood up against the head doesn't change the sound the way you might think. There's a unique timbre in the highs suitable for driving bluegrass or dixieland jazz (and everything in between).

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About Banjos West

Banjos West was established by Tom Nechville in 2020 when he found his home and retail shop in beautiful Sisters, Oregon.

The Nechville factory has since been working tirelessly to provide ample stock and make Banjos West a perfect banjo destination for anyone on or visiting the west coast.

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About Nechville Musical Products

Nechville Musical Products was founded in the late 80s by Tom Nechville. They are renowned for their innovations, namely Tom's Heli-Mount design, which makes their adjustments easiest and quicker than all other banjos. Nechvilles often combine a multitude of appointments to the Heli-Mount frame, like our 7-12" compound radiused fingerboard, tunneled 5th string, In-line tailpiece, Enterprise compensated bridge, Comfort Bevel armrest, and more.

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